Learning without Limits.

Our valuable and intelligent Learning Management System includes all the tools that your business needs to inspire continuous and collaborative learning in less time. Not only can it help your learners, but it can also significantly help transform your businesses in all aspects.

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Valuable learning solution for People Performance and Productivity.


With over 3,000 courses to choose from (200+ designed with a ‘glocal’ context), our e-Course library offers flexible and affordable “just-in-time” learning opportunities to fit any budget.

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Peerless LMS allows you to deliver content easily and engage learners effectively by integrating blended learning approaches and encouraging feedback and problem- solving techniques through real-time coaching.

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Monitor your employees’ progress from start to completion and track the overall training success with clean, built-in reporting tools, templates and a configurable dashboard.

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We provide learning anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Setup and deploy within minutes.

PeerlessLMS is so easy to use, it can be deployed within minutes and your learners can start learning from over 3,000 courses out of our content-rich course marketplace.

Profile your learners, assign courses and press play.

Our e-Courses are reputed for completeness and usefulness in supporting varying learning needs. Add your learners, assign courses to them and schedule learning sessions. Nothing is easier!

Train, retrain and easily track learning progress.

With Peerless LMS, you can train and retrain your employees – unlike classroom training which is one-off; your employees can go over the same courses several times till they achieve mastery.

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Let’s create your customized learning space. Learners can easily identify with your company while using the LMS, with a custom Peerless domain.


Enterprise Friendly

Manage and warehouse the critical knowledge assets of your company.

Robust Analytics

Track learners’ progress, assess competences and generate customized reports.

Collaborative Learning

Interaction and collaboration among learners and subject matter experts (facilitators).

High Interactivity

Provides practice questions that helps re-enforce learning

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