5 Benefits Of Blended Learning Approach for Corporate Training

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For centuries, organizations have leveraged varying approaches to address the learning and development needs of their businesses. From apprenticeship in the pre-1800s to scenario learning, on-the-job learning to the classroom and then the advent of technology paved a way to social and online learning.

A research conducted in 2013 by The Oxford Group in conjunction with Kineo had it that; “a lot of time, effort and consultation are required to implement a blended learning strategy, but when delivering at scale, savings in time and cost are very significant.”

For learners, a blended learning approach means that they can access training resources outside scheduled face-to-face training sessions. Learners benefit from multiple learning channels and media formats including mobile learning (mlearning), microlearning, gamification, interactive videos, collaborations, social learning, and other performance support tools (PSTs) – appealing to all learning styles.

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Here are 5 blended learning benefits for Corporate training:

  1. Optimised Training Costs and ROI. Learners are exposed to varying learning methods which increases knowledge retention, skills adoption, transfer of knowledge which positively impacts an organisation’s bottom-line.
  2. Consistency. Leveraging blended learning allows you to standardise learning and skill acquisition initiatives within your organisation.
  3. Real-Time Access. Learning and development can be deployed to employees in the shortest time possible improving the performance of employees and reducing downtime that can be caused by a skill-gap.
  4. Greater Retention. Blended learning combines practical and engaging approaches that enable you to increase knowledge retention of learners, providing room for immediate application and feedback.
  5. More Control to Learners. A blended approach that combines elearning with other methodologies gives more control to the learners.

Blended learning, especially when technology is leveraged, is critical to foster lasting learning. It helps ideas stick, deliver customisation and focus on individual needs as well as creates an air of accountability that is critical to learner success.

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