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Our Powerful features Foster Continuous Learning and empower businesses to create better e-learning experiences.


With over 3,000 courses to choose from – 200+ designed with a ‘glocal’ context – our e-Course library offers flexible and affordable “just-in-time” learning opportunities to fit any budget.

Our e-Courses are reputed for completeness and usefulness in supporting varying learning needs and are developed for a wide range of learners looking to improve their knowledge and skills and for those who simply take their personal development “personal”.


Employee induction is a powerful engagement tool to create employees who “act, think, and feel” the organisation. Geographic dispersion of employees and recruiting in trifling numbers often translate to new-hires sometimes waiting months (to get a full cohort of new hires) to be properly inducted or leaving them at the mercy of an existing employee who tells a varied and ‘coloured’ version of the organisation’s story.

p-Induction helps you scale and deliver the same induction experience to your employees; anytime, anywhere.

e-Product Knowledge

Product knowledge ranks as one of the highest predictors of sales success.

e-Product Knowledge provides a proven approach for developing product savvy employees that champion your products, become trusted advisors to customers, and differentiate you in the marketplace.


Workplaces are fraught with varying hazards. It is the responsibility of the organisation to ensure the safety of employees in line with prescribed regulations and safety standards.

e-Safety courses are a standardised means for certifying your employees on your HSE regulations to avoid the risk of safety violations, litigations and the resultant lost time to injury (LTI).


Every organisation is fundamentally guided by a code; its “way” of doing things.

e-Policies standardises and delivers cumbersome and voluminous code of conducts, ethics and organisational Policies, Processes and Procedures, in learning-adapted bite-sized formats that will not only make it easier for your employees to learn but also easy for the organisation to track and measure the learning of the employees.

e-Operations Manual

Our e-Operations Manual solution transforms your business operations manual from large binders gathering dust on the shelf to learning formats designed for employees to easily internalise the processes and system that drives your organisation’s success.


Organisations with the best hands ultimately win in the marketplace. Why assume the competence of the people who interact with your customers and run the systems that drive your business?

e-Exam allows you create and deploy assessment anytime and at scale, so you can appraise the competence of your employees.

e-Knowledge Management System

Organisations are increasingly faced with business continuity risks which can crystallise as a result of poor management of its “knowledge assets”; often in the form of key individuals who – as a result of their experience or length of stay – have both the knowledge and insight about how the organisation succeeds in the marketplace.

Our KX solution provides a robust framework for warehousing your knowledge assets, serves to guide and reinforce new employee training, and allows for the self-taught, cross training of existing employees.

e-Content Conversion

Every organisation has important information on how its business runs, captured in different formats ranging from MS PowerPoint to PDF documents.

Easily convert documents such as timeless internal training slide decks, product catalogues, employee handbooks, and organisation playbooks into instruction friendly formats you can deploy to support the learning and performance of your employees at scale.

e-Salesforce Support

Access to “just-in-time” product information is a game-changing enabler of the sales function; giving salespersons the resourcefulness to access product information, educate and advice potential customers on a product/service and at the point of sale.

Our e-Salesforce Support solution puts vital product information at the fingertips of your salesforce. Even better, the solution allows them to send and share this information with the customer in an instant and its reporting and tracking capabilities make it invaluable.

e-Reporting and Analytics

Monitor your employees’ progress from start to completion and track the overall training success with clean, built-in reporting tools, templates and a configurable dashboard.

Peerless LMS is equipped with extensive reporting and analytics that can support other HR practices like Career Management, Career Development, Promotion, Transfer/Mobility, Talent Management, etc.

e-Competency Manager System

PeerlessLMS Competency Management System helps your organisation assess and identify gaps between role requirement and employee competency and by so doing enable you close the gap through the deployment of the right developmental interventions.

e-Training Budget Manager

PeerlessLMS Training Budget Management System helps your track, allocate and manage your training budget.

With Peerless, you can do much more, with less.

PeerlessLMS simply allows you to deliver content easily, engage learners effectively, assess achievement transparently, manage and protect your corporate intellectual collateral, and encourage collaboration

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