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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Product knowledge is a good understanding of the features and functions that make a product beneficial. Thorough knowledge or lack thereof of its product(s) can be the difference between success and failure for any organisation.

When employees demonstrate an in-depth understanding of what makes their company’s product special, they are better able to convince clients to try it out.

Clients respond better to staff who know their onions; those whose confidence in themselves and their product reflect on how well they communicate its usefulness.

Studies also show that what separates successful organisations from mediocre ones is that employees of successful organisations thoroughly know their products.

The entire workforce of an organisation, sales and customer service representatives, in particular, must be adequately equipped with the knowledge of the business and products of the organisation; in such a way that any of them can sell it convincingly at any time.

Every member of staff should take the same training to enable everyone to work from the same knowledge base and collectively as a team to retrieve information.

Peerless LMS helps organisations train their employees on the knowledge of their products so they can stay ahead of the competition.

As a first-class learning platform, Peerless LMS gives your employees access to product knowledge, information and insight that accomplished learners in all fields have been exposed to and at any time.  Peerless LMS helps them understand the needs of clients and how to use product knowledge to solve their problems.

The platform makes training content available online, offline and on multiple devices. Peerless LMS also makes it is easy to sync offline data with online data effortlessly, and trainees learn optimally regardless of their geographical location or internet situation.

This means they have unrestricted access to pertinent information quickly and easily, especially when they have to meet with prospects/clients.

What’s more, with Peerless LMS, trainees can apply their training to real-life situations, using game mechanics, role plays, simulations and other techniques.

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Not only do these schemes give your employees the chance to what they have learnt into practice, but it also detects if the knowledge has been understood and internalised.

Learning with Peerless LMS is engaging, fun and interesting, a feature that keeps employees interested and able to assimilate faster.

Employing Peerless LMS to train your workforce on company products transforms them from mere employees to product experts – a development that is continually beneficial to your business.

Whether your organization is looking to develop new learning initiatives, enhance existing training, or leverage digital learning as part of a blended approach, we can help.

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