Improve Your Enterprise Learning Experience With Peerless LMS

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While in-house training still improves career development, small and midsize organisations should consider investing in a learning management system (LMS) platform to improve your enterprise learning experience and employee skills and performance—but which system is right for you? Whether you’re in human resources or any other department, take a look at how Peerless LMS core features can help you to improve your workforce corporate performance.

PeerlessLMS is a world-class Learning and Talent Development Solution that helps organisations develop their employees and boost their business solutions.

This robust system enables you to easily deliver content, engage learners, evaluate progress, document achievements, manage and protect your corporate intellectual assets, and encourage collaboration. Peerless has different packages that can be tailored to suit your preference.

The following are the main features of Peerless LMS:

Gamification: Drive user engagement and increase knowledge retention using exciting elements like badges, awards, ratings, leader boards and many others.

Knowledge exchange/management: Capture the knowledge you pay your employees for and keep it, even if they move on to another position or organisation.
You can also improve your employees’ productivity by standardising and integrating all knowledge assets in one place.

Mobility: With Peerless, your employees can learn what they want, when they want. There are no physical limitations so you can improve your course completion rates and learner engagement levels.

3000+ Course marketplace: Peerless has over 3000 relevant courses across different industries, knowledge areas and functions to drive your organisation’s learning goals.

Certificate and Retraining: Train, certify and retrain your employees. PEERLESS makes it possible for learners to earn certificates or awards for courses completed.

Reporting and Analytics: Monitor your employees’ progress from start to completion and track the overall training success with clean, built-in reporting tools, templates and a configurable dashboard. Built for the needs of training professionals and managers, PEERLESS enables you to keep track of learners’ performance with simple reports at a single click.

User Support and Hand-Holding: Enjoy extensive hand-holding and user support at every step of our partnership. PEERLESS employs best-in-class business support services that guarantee a seamless user experience.

Branding and White-Labeling: Add a personal touch that reflects your corporate image and brand identity.

Compatibility: Integrate system applications such as Google Drive, Webpay, PDF Reader and other third-party applications easily on PEERLESS. Based on user demands and feedbacks, we can also add new custom integrations.

Training Plan Management: Take control of your training and determine how you want it executed. Set parameters that guarantee learning transfer of a class by specifying rules that define what happens from awarding badges to grouping learners to locking or unlocking new challenges.

Activity Tracking: Pass any form of a compliance check, using our audit trail application. With PEERLESS, you can ensure the validity of your LMS records by keeping a detailed account of all administrator and learner activities.

Notifications: Stay in tune with learning programs either as a learner or administrator and get real-time updates as you progress. PEERLESS allows you to customize notifications as at when required.

Competency-Based Assessment: Assess employee competence levels using PEERLESS in-built Competency Manager that helps you manage employee performance according to job families, job roles and competencies.

A learning culture is practised to inspire, motivate and support employees; it also gives them the ability to gain new skills. Visit PeerlessLMS for more information.

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