Reduce the Cost of Training Employees In Nigeria with Peerless LMS

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In 2014, IBM released a report highlighting the amount of money that can be saved by implementing an eLearning program rather than relying on traditional methods. Every $1 a company spends on this type of training will net them a profit of $30 in productivity, which is a 50% boost in productivity from before.

Most organizations do not capture the true cost of training. Apart from the obvious cost of paying the trainer, feeding, and provision of course materials and other logistics, the cost of an employee spending valuable man-hours away from his desk for a classroom-style training comes at a cost that organizations may never be able to adequately quantify.

Peerless LMS, the leading learning management system in Nigeria helps to facilitate the administration, documentation, tracking and reporting of training programmes eliminates this because learning can take place at their work desks. Employees in Nigeria do not have to be pulled off the job as they can work and learn simultaneously.

Wise people are constantly seeking new ways to cut cost and save money. Peerless LMS gives you the advantage of saving money while getting your desired results at top quality.

With Peerless LMS, you can reduce the cost of training employees In Nigeria because you do not have to worry about the cost of accommodation, transportation, trainers, facilitators, lunch, paperwork or other associated costs of traditional training methods.

You can also train your new employees without any extra cost. You can also train your current staff to be more proficient and ready to take on more complex tasks with better efficiency.

Having more competent and proficient employees ensure boosted sales, greater customer satisfaction and better service.

E-learning saves time and time is money and Peerless LMS has proven to reduce training times impressively. Your employees get to achieve the organisation oriented and personal goals faster than others as they get to learn at their own pace. Those that catch up quickly can finish when they want and those who require extra help can take their time without worrying about slowing anyone down or paying for the course again.

An important feature of Peerless is Reporting and Analytics. The progress of your employees can be monitored from start to completion. With the user-friendly, built-in reporting tools, templates and a configurable dashboard, you also get to track the overall training success. This enables you to keep track of your employees’ performance with simple reports at a single click; so you know if you are getting your money’s worth from the process.

Peerless is a technology-driven solution that offers you an easy way to maximise corporate training costs while boosting the efficiency of the training efforts of your employees. Not only are you guaranteed of lesser cost but also substantial time to focus on the core activities of your organisation which ensures more revenue for you.

Peerless is an excellent choice for organisations and institutions looking for a robust and affordable Learning Management Solution in Nigeria.

Want to upskill your team with the most in-demand knowledge? Peerless Learning Management System for Business is the answer.

Enrol on Peerless LMS today.


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